Know The Value of Your Business

The Exit Eagle’s products are designed to give you the knowledge you need to know the value of your business
from the point of view of a person looking at it from the outside in [e.g., the “Fair
Market Value,”] and what it would take to change the value.

It’s important to note that “Value” is different from “Profit.” Profit is simple math: Revenue minus expenses = How much money can I spend without bouncing a check? “Value” is more like calculus: net profit times future earnings potential = How big a check will somebody write to buy my business?

So, the key to getting a really good sale price Is showing the buyer that
your business is a
sustainable business because it has been positioned to ensure
future earnings
. A potential buyer or investor who is scrutinizing your business wants to know:
If I take some of my hard-earned money and invest it in this business, how
soon will I make money, how
long will I be able to make money from the business, and how
much money will I make?

The Exit Eagle’s Products

The Exit Eagle offers three products to support you in preparing to sale and negotiating the sale of your business.