About The Exit Eagle

Business Consultant ready to help you build or sell your business

Virginia (Ginny) Altman, CEO and founder of The Exit Eagle, has been in the business of helping business owners to make their businesses what they want them to be for more than 30 years. She especially loves to help business owners to exit their business in a way that they, their family and employees celebrate.

What has Virginia accomplished?

Virginia has helped more than 40 business owners to sell their businesses, and even more to increase the profitability and/or value of the business. In a construction business, she re-presented the business to turn a financier’s “No” into a “Yes.” For a plumbing/HVAC/oil delivery company, she redesigned the business process system so that the work would get done more efficiently, and customers would pay their debt. That landed them a buyer that had turned up their nose previously. And she helped a taxidermy business go from red ink to a profitable, international business! Now, several years later, she is working with them to create a profitable exit plan. She can help your business, too.

As the second generation owner of her family's telecommunications business, she increased sales by 26% in one-year across all revenue streams. At Corning Consumer Products, her work was primary in turning a -6% ROI into a +14% over a two-year period – which increased the sale price from $350 million to $700+ million. In the steel industry, she helped BHP Steel—Australian operations—increase their Australian-Asian competitiveness by implementing a visual factory, natural work groups and team resolution of recurring problems.

 How About Her Credentials?

Virginia is no stranger to the pressures and stresses small business owners face; she’s owned and sold several herself. Her credentials are solid, too: She earned a Masters in Public Management/ financial analysis from Carnegie Mellon University, and certification as a Chief Information Officer through Carnegie Mellon, too. She completed a master’s level program in business brokerage through International Business Brokers’ Association, and received certification as a Business Intermediary. She’s also certified as a Master Instructor and Facilitator in problem solving and decision making, project management, managing involvement and engineering the human performance system. You can see a detailed history of her career on LinkedIN

  • Negotiated the sale of more than 40 small to mid-sized businesses
  • Spearheaded project to increase the sale price of Corning Consumer Products from $350M to over $700M
  • Managed turn-around of an Australian steel mill plant
  • Next-gen owner of her family's business, increased profit and sold it

Virginia Would Love to Help You, Too!

Virginia is prepared to help business owners to WOW potential investors so they land a great buyer for their business. Or revitalize their business so they make more money and enjoy it again OR leverage it to start something new!