Exit Options: Third Party Sales

If you don’t have suitable successors among your family or employees, you may decide to sell your business to a third party. In order to maximize your selling price, you must develop a step-by-step plan that increases the value of your business so that it is as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. If you are selling a Main Street … Read More

Exit Options: Internal Sales and Transfers

Why should you consider selling to employees? Because your company lives on with the culture you created. Because you can choose the value, not negotiate it. Because your employees aren’t comparing your company with other investments. Because you control the timing of your exit. Because it is probably the biggest financial transaction of your life. Many businesses have competent employees … Read More

Exit Options: Family Succession

Family succession is a special subset of exit planning for business because family businesses include layers of additional complexity. The pressure of daily decision-making and implementation in a family business can add tension to every situation and especially to those associated with a transition. There are multiple strategies to consider which include tax ramifications on the business, the sellers, the … Read More