No Frills Sell-Your-Business Package

The more salable you are, the less you pay up front!

It IS NOT Your Job to know how to sell your business. 

It HAS BEEN your job to run your business.

NOW it is the time to cash in on all that hard work you have done to run your business well!


STOP worrying about how you are going to MAKE MONEY when you leave your business.

STOP worrying about how to MARKET YOUR BUSINESS instead of your service or product.

STOP worrying about how to convince someone to PAY A GOOD PRICE for your business.

STOP worrying about all the paperwork and professionals you need for THE SALE TO GO THROUGH RIGHT.



A No Frills, Sell-Your-Business process that markets your business, manages the sale and negotiation processes, and closes with minimal work on your part…

A No Frills, Sell-Your-Business process that rewards all the hard work you have done to manage your business through the ups and downs of the economy and survive…

A No Frills, Sell-Your-Business process that eliminates the awkward face-to-face time with buyers who want to scavenge your business…

In just 15 minutes, you can find out if your business qualifies for our NO FRILLS Sell-Your-Business program!

Just Complete our ExitMap Assessment to find out how well your business does on the READY TO GET A GOOD PRICE scale!  The better the score, the LOWER THE PRICE for you to engage a professional Business Brokerage company to


If you qualify, we will call you within a 3-day business period.

If you do not qualify, we will send you an email with three reasons why.  And if you fix them, you can always apply again…


Ask Us About Our Business Exit Audit process

Please accept this reference and opinion regarding Virginia Altman and her ability to add value to any situation or entity.

Experience. Good, common business sense. Instinct. Beyond academic training, Virginia has so many valuable attributes and skills. Whether it is the experience of a family business, years of consulting, or just good-old fashioned horse sense, she looks to see the bigger picture of situations. As an example, when discussing a particular business that Virginia was selling, I noted how the offering's cash flow barely supported any purchase price at all, regardless of its market, etc. Virginia, who was brokering the deal at the time, actually sold the business for its asking price by providing a strategic perspective, competitive evaluation, and quasi-tactical plan for the new owners to execute. Her actions were creative, conscientiously and ethically prepared for the buyer, and most importantly effective for the seller. Very impressive.

Given the opportunity, I would work with Virginia either professionally or through a non-profit board, and most certainly recommend her for the same.

Mr. Robert Bartolacci Executive Vice President/CFO, Modern Transportation Services
Adjunct Asst. Professor of Finance, Carnegie Mellon University