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How do you create a blueprint for attracting investors – millennials, investment teams, even other business owners -- to buying your business? What do you need to show them about your business to bring that plan to life? We’re here to help you answer those questions.


We know what makes buyers and investors drool. And we know how to make them see it in your business. We work hard to make them eager to sit in the captain’s seat of your business, or back the captain sitting there.

“Great businesses exit at the intersection of analysis, transformation and communication.”


We get to know your business.  We analyze the financials and trends both inside your company and outside in your industry.  And we put together a picture that says:  Ongoing potential, and opportunity for growth! 

Our secret?  We use even the not-so-good of your business to make them drool.

How has Analysis helped business owners to exit? 


Did you know that there are 9 million businesses in the United States with 2-500 employees?  And 61% of them -- that's 5.5 million -- are owned by Baby Boomers.  That's 5.5 million 56-76 year-old's owning businesses that are going to be retiring, by choice or circumstance, in the same time frame. To further increase competitiveness, more than half of those retiring Boomers need equity from their business to be able to retire at all.

A highly competitive market, with only ONE buyer for every FOUR businesses that will be being sold.   That means, the traditional business brokerage and business intermediary tactics of collecting financials and closing buyers with them won't work anymore but for a few gold-plated businesses.

And that's where The Exit Eagle comes in.  We have the skills and experience to help you beef your company up so that entrepreneurs drool over it.  You don't have to be gold-plated -- but you do have to show potential investors that they can USE your business to become gold-plated themselves.  We have the tools to help you transform your business into THE ONE that entrepreneurs want to own, and communicate how to mine the gold into their pockets.

So... What if your business doesn't sell?  Let's suppose for a moment that you aren't able to attract one of those 1-in-4 buyers, but capitalizing on your business' legacy is important to you.  Perhaps you've already tried to engage a key employee -- or to hire one --  that would take over your business and it just didn't work.  We need to talk.  We are hard at work finding solutions to just such scenarios.  Let's talk.

P.S.  You still need to get your business ready for someone else to be able to succeed in taking the business into the future.  And if you do that, your problem may be solved.  Let's talk about that, too.

Sometimes, selling your business as a stand-alone operation isn’t the best option.  Maybe the business is too far behind the industry technology trends.  Maybe it would just take too much work to get it ready for someone else to run.  

In some cases, mum or dad builds their business with the idea of passing it down to the next generation but that just won’t work.  Like the saga of Fixing the Holes in a Roofing Company, that had all of the above problems!

How has transformation helped business owners to exit?  Check these stories out!


Communicating the value of a business – the reason to buy or invest in a business – takes more than paper.  It takes the ability to create and communicate vision, creative uses of human resources, structuring deals that meet both parties’ needs.  And the more complicated it is, the more important it is that it all can be communicated simply.

Call us simple.  We’d love it.

How does communication help a business owner to exit?

Ask us your toughest questions.

We’ll dig into the core pain points you are experiencing as you try to work out the best way to exit your business, while funding your retirement, too.

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You were instrumental in making this deal happen. There were a lot of things that needed to be negotiated and you were able to find a way to get problems resolved. I look forward to using your services again when it comes time to buy or sell another business.
Tom Hussey, Business Buyer
I've had the privilege to work with Ginny over the past couple months. Her extensive industry knowledge and professionalism are remarkable. She has a unique ability to see "hidden" value in companies. I would highly recommend to any company looking to grow their business and improve their profitability to hire Ginny.
Amy Travis, Owner, Catalyst Coworking

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