Exit Planning

Why Do You Need Exit Planning?

It all boils down to this:  Do you want to make sure that you have enough money to retire in the style you want to, and that your family’s financial health is secure for your lifetime and perhaps beyond, and that the people who tirelessly worked in your business and enabled your success are proud of how you took care of them in the end?


Then you need to plan your exit.

Perhaps you have a son or daughter that you want to take over the business, and you want them to prosper not only with the financial aspect of the business, but the people side of it too.

Or you just want to exit out of the business and get the maximum dollar value you can while doing so.

Maybe you want to leverage the value of your business to build a new, more exciting project.

These are all reasons for you to invest in putting together a good exit plan that can realistically be implemented.  The Exit Eagle is here to help you to accomplish that.

And you need to do it NOW.  Check out this video for an example of why you need to plan NOW:

Why Partner with The Exit Eagle for Exit Planning?

Everything we do is custom-designed to meet your needs.  We learned our craft while creating change for Fortune 500 companies, and had to accomplish elite certifications that took years of blood, sweat and laughter to earn.  That means we know the processes that go into creating an Exit Plan inside and out; we can take them apart and apply them as needed, in the fashion needed, to meet your unique needs.

And we love doing it!  We work hard to make a difficult task … fun.  In the long run, relationships are built and solidified while work is being accomplished.  And that is the mainstay of implementing the plan; solid, trusting relationships built among the people involved while having fun, working.

The Exit Planning Process

The Exit Eagle applies a structured, rational thinking process to the goal of identifying the exit that is best for each client.  These processes allow for creative conflict, which builds understanding and rapport as well as plans that surprise and delight our clients.  It is very cool to see the ideas that spring out of this process!

It always begins with a Situation Appraisal.  The Situation Appraisal process uncovers the business owner’s goals and concerns – as well as those of the key players involved, if appropriate.  They are clarified and prioritized, and bumped against reality through industry research and the business’ financials and fair market value.  This phase is wrapped up by gaining agreement on the owner’s Exit Objectives.

Then, based on the objectives, research and information gathering are conducted as appropriate to the direction the owner has chosen to go.  These are filtered through with the Problem Solving, Decision Analysis, and Problem Prevention rational thinking processes to maximize success when implementing the Master Exit Plan.

The Exit Eagle: Process Flowchart