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We are Business Exit Advisors who are passionate about working with you to transform YOUR Business into The One that Every Entrepreneur Wants to Own.

The money that comes out of the exit is important, no doubt about that. But the final legacy – the respect of peers, employees, customers and the community for a job well done – is the icing on the retirement cake that either highlights or overshadows the joy of retirement.

How do I know that? I’ve been there. I became the second generation owner of my family’s business, and as such, became responsible for figuring out what to do with the business when I (and my father and mother and sister…) finally accepted that my nephew really didn’t want the responsibility of owning the business.

I went into the ownership situation with the mission of getting the business and my nephew ready for him to take over. That was my parents’ direction to me. And that’s what I did. Thanks to my sister and Dad, I had good bones to work with: Accurate financial records, complete customer histories, good equipment and a stellar service record. I was able to use my 20 years of experience as a change/ turn-around consultant to add to that: Create business management data, document processes and procedures, redesign the sales process and create recurring revenue.

And I got my nephew ready to take over, even though he kept telling me, he didn’t want it. When the day came that I realized he really meant what he was saying, I was dumbstruck. What the heck was I going to do?

Selling the business seemed to be the only option. But how do you do that? Well, that’s what I asked our accountant and attorney, and they both said the same thing: Go to Pittsburgh and ask the Investment Bankers. So I did. At that time (2006), unless you had revenues of $30 million or more, they weren’t interested in talking to you. Hahaha, yeah. I slunk out of those meetings feeling like a small-town punk – even though I probably had more international business experience with multi-billion and -trillion dollar companies than they had ever even had the nerve to dream of.


We know what makes buyers and investors drool. And we know how to make them see it in your business. We work hard to make them eager to sit in the captain’s seat of your business, or back the captain sitting there.

Thanks to the combined work of my Dad, sister and me, I was able to get the business sold, and in 2008, I opened Altman Business Solutions, Inc., now dba The Exit Eagle, to help other business owners to exit their business in a way that makes them, their family, customers and employees proud.

Since then, we've helped more than 40 business owners to exit their businesses – and a couple of them, managing it from the inside out.

In today’s market, because of the overwhelming number of Boomers exiting their businesses, the challenge is not always selling the business; in many cases, it is finding and training that next Millennial owner. We have spent a lifetime of designing and implementing unique solutions to business turn-around and exit management problems. We would love to help you, too!

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