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Ginny Altman introduces Amy and Bob Hutchinson of Hutch's Taxidermy & Wildlife Art located in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Amy worked for Ginny at Altman Telephone before Ginny sold that business. In the process of transitioning ownership of Altman Telephone, Ginny made sure that all of the employees had some other work lined up.

When Amy informed Ginny that she would be moving into full-time work with her husband at his taxidermy studio, Ginny had some concerns. The rest is history according to Hutch (Bob). Ginny had no idea to the extent she was actually helping. The advice she gave stuck with him, and over the last decade the couple has grown their business from a small showroom above the garage to a large dedicated building with showroom and work studio.

Please accept this reference and opinion regarding Virginia Altman and her ability to add value to any situation or entity.

Experience. Good, common business sense. Instinct. Beyond academic training, Virginia has so many valuable attributes and skills. Whether it is the experience of a family business, years of consulting, or just good-old fashioned horse sense, she looks to see the bigger picture of situations. As an example, when discussing a particular business that Virginia was selling, I noted how the offering's cash flow barely supported any purchase price at all, regardless of its market, etc. Virginia, who was brokering the deal at the time, actually sold the business for its asking price by providing a strategic perspective, competitive evaluation, and strategic, quasi-tactical plan for the new owners to execute. Her actions were creative, conscientiously and ethically prepared for the buyer, and most importantly effective for the seller. Very impressive.

Given the opportunity, I would work with Virginia either professionally or through a non-profit board, and most certainly recommend her for the same.

Mr. Robert Bartolacci Executive Vice President/CFO, Modern Transportation Services
Adjunct Asst. Professor of Finance, Carnegie Mellon University

I engaged Virginia Altman of Altman Business Solutions LLC to assist with the sale of my business, Tutoring Club of Westmoreland. Altman Business Solutions’ responsibilities for this engagement included:

1. Providing an estimated sales price for the business;
2. Identifying and presenting qualified buyers;
3. Conducting negotiations with the potential buyer;
4. Assisting with the sale closing.

As a result of this engagement, the Tutoring Club was sold to a qualified buyer. Altman identified the buyer and conducted the negotiations through the successful closing of the sales transaction. Throughout the process, Virginia Altman was supportive, professional, and offered sound business advice.
I would certainly recommend Altman Business Solutions LLC to other business owners seeking similar services.

Mark P. Frick
Former Owner, Tutoring Club of Westmoreland
You were instrumental in making this deal happen. There were a lot of things that needed to be negotiated and you were able to find a way to get problems resolved. I look forward to using your services again when it comes time to buy or sell another business.
Tom Hussey, Business Buyer
I've had the privilege to work with Ginny over the past couple months. Her extensive industry knowledge and professionalism are remarkable. She has a unique ability to see "hidden" value in companies. I would highly recommend to any company looking to grow their business and improve their profitability to hire Ginny.
Amy Travis, Owner, Catalyst Coworking

Virginia Altman went above and beyond anything that I could have expected in selling my business and I only wish I had others for her to sell. Because of my experience with her I am definitely a better person, and ready to take on any endeavor in the future. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in the future.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is hard to put into words the appreciation that I have for Virginia Altman and the service that she offers.  At the very beginning you were not afraid to tell me the truth about my business and areas that I needed to improve to make it mor attractive to potential buyers. I know that you have many other clients however you somehow were always there for me and I truly thought that I was your only client. You did not know anything about my business but before the second meeting you did you homework and got to know it, for that I will always be grateful. Once the business was listed you gave me regular update of interest and constantly reminded me that it is a process and there is a buyer out there and we are ready for anything.  We found a qualified buyer and eventually closed on the business – at a price higher than I expected. 


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