What We Do

What does being a Business Exit Advisor mean? 

For us, it’s about having the knowledge to address all aspects of planning and accomplishing a business exit in a way that surprises and delights you, your family, employees and customers.  And in that process, making sure that you can fund the retirement of your dreams.

It’s about having enough experience to know the What, How and Why of the processes so well that we can modify them to meet your unique Dream Retirement needs. 

Do you need to become more clear on your objectives?  Need to include the family so nobody gets hurt?  We can do that. 

Is your accounting information just a running checkbook that won’t give investors a vivid picture of what they will gain from the investment? We can change that.

Need to increase profits?  We can help. 

Need to restructure, retrain, document, redesign?  We have the team and trusted partners who can help.


Wild horses can’t drag our clients’ names out of us, let alone any other details. Our lips are sealed.

Our Approach

Let’s face it, most business owners are so immersed in their business that you have no idea how it will look to outside investors – or, in the off-chance that they have identified their successor, how ready the business is for them to lead it successfully.  Did you know that 80% of deals fall through?  And most of them are because the owner can’t see what the potential investor sees when they look at the business. 

We’ve all heard that saying:  Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.  The Exit Eagle’s saying is:  Beauty is in the Wallet of the Beholder.  The Business Exit Audit gives you that critical outside “investor” perspective; what they see about your business that will add to the thickness of their wallet – and see the things that will flatten their wallet out.

The Exit Eagle’s Business Exit Audit includes an Estimated Value of Business that gives you an idea of what your business is worth “As Is;” and actions you can take to improve the value of your business – and how much those actions will add to the sale price. 

To create a Business Exit Strategy that is realistic and achievable, two other components must be added to the picture.    How much the Business Owner NEEDS to fund the retirement of their dream, and what TIME FRAME is available to achieve the desired results? 

Calculating financial needs for retirement is a complex job that should – must—be performed by a professional who is trained in putting together all the pieces to accurately calculate how much money will be needed to fund the retirement of your dreams.  Those pieces include:  Your age, dependents’ ages, insurance coverage, existing investments, the desired life style, and the location where retirement will take place.  If you don’t have such an advisor, we’ll help you to find one that is knowledgeable, experienced, and that has the personality and approach that suits you.

Now we are ready to do the critical calculation:

Is your business ready to finance your Dream Retirement? 

How much you need - How Much You Have = What the Business Exit Proceeds Must Cover

This calculation is the critical starting point, to which Time Frame must be added to truly gauge what is realistic and reasonable in designing your exit strategy.

How much you have and how much you need is put into the Business Exit Strategy Triangulation to provide the framework for developing your Business Exit Strategy:

Now we have what we need to determine what type of exit is best for your situation, what actions (if any) will be taken to increase the value (hence the exit proceeds), and what steps will be taken to accomplish your goals for your Dream Retirement.

Our Process

Our process is driven by developing SMART* objectives that clarify and prioritize your objectives, wants and needs for achieving your Dream Retirement.

Business Exit Audit:

If you do nothing else, this is the thing to do. The Business Exit Audit gives you the buyer perspective on your business, an estimated value of your business, and actions you can take to improve that value.

Business Exit Strategy:

The customized Business Exit Strategy converts the Business Exit Audit into a comprehensive roadmap that lays out each step of the plan. During the design of the Business Exit Strategy, we calculate the financial proceeds that are needed to finance your dream retirement; plan family involvement; consider how your employees will be taken care of; and how the ownership transition will be managed with your customers. With all of these factors taken into consideration, the best type of exit is identified and the steps to accomplish that exit will be woven into a detailed plan of action.

Value Improvement Process:

For most business owners, making sure that their financial goals are achieved is the most critical part of the Exit Planning process. The Value Improvement Process focuses specifically on identifying the value improvement opportunities, and how they will be achieved. This becomes the critical path for the Business Exit Strategy.

Implementation of the Business Exit Strategy

During this phase, your Business Exit Strategy plan is implemented. Our job is to help you stay on focused and on track, to anticipate and eliminate potential problems, and incorporate new opportunities as they come along. The result? The Retirement of Your Dreams.
*SMART Objectives are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

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