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for the best possible price

We are Business Exit Advisors who are passionate about working with you to transform YOUR Business into The One that Every Entrepreneur Wants to Own.

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for Selling for the best possible price

Virginia Altman went above and beyond  anything that I could have expected in selling my business and I only wish I had others for her to sell. Because of my experience with her I am definitely a better person.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone in the future.

THANK YOU!!!!! -- B2B Business Owner

We Capture and Communicate Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Certified Business Valuations
  • Eagle Eye Value Accelerator Reports
  • Pre-sale Due Diligence
  • Industry Research and Value Opportunities
  • Facilitation of Value Acceleration and Creation
  • Sales Prospectus:  Your Company's Story and Competitive Advantages
  • Targeted Online and Social Media Marketing to Uncover the RIght Buyer
  • Facilitation of Deal Structure and Closing

And we can help you to grow the value, too, so you can get the sale price you want.

You were instrumental in making this deal happen. There were a lot of things that needed to be negotiated and you were able to find a way to get problems resolved. I look forward to using your services again when it comes time to buy or sell another business. - Tom, Business Buyer

What does UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION mean to you?

Magnetic Attraction to Buyers

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Buyers all have one thing in common:  They want to know how much money they can make, and how soon.  But what makes most Buyers ramp up the amount of the check they will write is when they see how they can make even more money than you did.

The Unique Value Proposition gives them the vision and strategy to see how the vision and strategy to see how they can get an outstanding Return On their Investment from your business.

Your Offering stands out from the crowd

In the next decade, we are going to see a stampede of Boomer business owners exiting their businesses.  And it's projected that 65% of them will need to leverage the sale of their business to fund their retirement.

That means a crowded market.  And not a lot of money in the up and coming generations.  Research suggests that only one in four businesses will sale.

That means, your business needs to stand out form the crowd by offering a Unique Value Proposition that demonstrated Return on Investment to buyers.

An increased Sale price

Most business valuations are "generic."  The provider pops financial information in a software package, asks a few other questions, and based on generic industry information, tells you what your business is worth, and how you can increase that value.

The fact that you have a Tier 1 clients with 20+ years relationship; stable employees who will stay with the business; modern equipment  --  We derive your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) from your unique tangible and intangible assets.

Then we market to the population that will best benefit from your specific UVP.  From this comes a better sale price.

7-TipsFor Selling Your Business for the Best Price Possible

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